​​​​​​Operator Easy - Installed on all models

The Mk4 control is a “living” product and is in continuing development and improvement.  The engine of the cutting system, the controls are designed for waterjet cutting;  just a few of the designed features include:

  • Excellent holes and corners

  • Controller card sits in a PCI slot in the PC, so it is directly on the PC communication bus.

  • Unlimited capability for acceleration and deceleration control  

  • Acceleration and deceleration can be set as separate values

  • Acceleration and deceleration on arcs

  • Improves thick material cutting, especially on corners

  • Excellent leader handling to reduce witness marks

  • Enhanced machine jogging

  • Virtually instantaneous motion on jog commands

  • Automatic kerf compensation for nozzle growth in NC Console

  • Superior troubleshooting and diagnostic utilities

  • “Move Drawing Using Cursor” – New utility for job setup

  • “Set Surface” – Adjust Z height anywhere on the table

  • Dual Head "Mirror Cutting" 

  • Integrated 2.5D control with seamless 2D integraton

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Better Software and Controls


Mk4 Waterjet Control System

​Better Software/Better Design/Better Waterjet

Better Design/Better Software/Better Waterjet

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Special Operator Easy Optional Features:

Operator Remote Pendant App for Android       

  • Operator can jog and position the nozzle away from the control console, anywhere around the table.

  • Runs on any smart Android device

“Abrasive Defender” - Abrasive Flow Protection Sensor

  • Installs with the abrasive feed tube to the cutting head running through the body.

  • If water backs up the abrasive feed tube, NC Console PAUSES before water reaches the abrasive feeder.