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Bridge Gantry Design                                                 

  • Dual servo motors drive the bridge from each side, providing stable and accurate motion. 
  • Bridge gantry does not suffer the short comings of cantilever designs, such as limited acceleration, speeds and inherent deflection.
  • The bridge gantry has machine squaring controlled electronically as opposed to the  mechanical adjustment required by cantilever designs.
  • MATERIAL LOADING: The gantry is parked completely out of the work envelope, allowing the material to be loaded without the bridge in the way.  

Marine Grade Coating

  • Utilizes a marine grade epoxy coating on the tank
  • The coating used is more resistant to chipping and has a superior adherence   to metal.

Uniframe Design with Wide (6”) Gutter               

  • The uniframe serves as a heavy and solid machine base.
  • The wide rain gutter is a signature design feature which contributes greatly to keeping the water off the floor and area around the machine cleaner. 
  • The gutter is supplemented by a “tooling lip” which provides

          a convenient place for attaching fixtures or a “squaring fence”

          to quickly align material.

Safety Bar - Longer life for your machine                                                                 

  • Protects the long axis (Y axis) beam when side loading material

         onto the table.

  • When material is dragged off the table, the gutter and

          Safety Bar protect the bellow from being damaged by the material.

Enclosed “E-Tube” cable carriers

  • Enclosed cable carriers help protect the machine cables

         from abrasive wear over a long period of time.

4 Axis Servo Motion Control                                    

  • Bridge Driven from BOTH sides
  • Servo Controlled Z axis

Maintenance Free Motion Guideway System    

  • More durable and less maintenance than recirculating ball guideways, the sealed bearings run on hardened guideways on the fully enclosed and sealed beams. 
  • After 23 years of machine building and field service, this design has proven to be a better and lower maintenance solution for waterjet cutting systems than conventional machine ways.

Servo Controlled Z axis – Automatic Tool Lift    

  • A unique feature for over 20 years and not found on other machines, Auto Tool Lift executes an automatic lift of the nozzle after each cut and prior to the rapid traverse to the next cutting feature. 

  • Eliminates the risk of running into the cutting material if it is not flat or has stress relieved.  If the lift is set high enough by the operator, it will also prevent running into cut drops or parts that have been kicked up after being released.

Servo Controlled Z axis – Nudge Jog                    

  • The operator can easily adjust the tool height, up or down, during cutting operations with a tap of a key. 
  • The “nudge” is an operator pre-set distance.  This is dramatically superior to the use of a DC motor and a switch, which requires deft fingers and has the risk of adjusting the Z height too high or too low.

Servo Controlled Z axis – 2.5D Cutting                  

  • This feature provides a simple and easy way to have the Z axis automatically follow certain types of contours and profiles. 
  • Corrugated metal and parts that have been formed in a brake with varying surface height can be easily handled without solid modeling or 3D software.

Helical Rack and Pinion Drive                                  

  • This advanced type of gear profile is highly accurate, provides very smooth motion and eliminates the natural wear of standard straight teeth gears. 
  • For a waterjet application, helical racks provide the best long lasting and accurate solution.

Optional System Enhancements

  • Dual Heads – Independently driven carriages and Z axes - Patriot Only

  • Drill Head Piercing – For materials that delaminate or shatter

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