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​Better Software/Better Design/Better Waterjet

Better Design/Better Software/Better Waterjet


Where We Come From

In 1993, Calypso Waterjet Systems surprised the waterjet industry.  The company's immediate success was driven by two things; the first Windows based software controls in the business, and delivering workhorse *  machinery at a reasonable price.   Calypso's innovation was key to changing the way waterjet equipment was sold.

Over the next 17 years, Calypso provided easy to use, affordable, highly accurate waterjet systems. By  providing the right accessories, and an affordable tool for many manufacturer's, Calypso sold machines around the globe.

In 2009,  during the "Great Recession", the company was forced to cease operations. 

Fortunately, through a prior agreement, one of the partners in American Waterjet  retained the IP for engineering, machine design and customer information, allowing us, in 2009, to provide parts, support and service for nearly one thousand Calypso WaterJet machines installed.

And that is good, because Calypso Waterjet machines last a long, long time.  Even better, they have the best resale value in the waterjet market. 

We look forward to talking with you about how American Waterjet's cutting systems can help your business

Built Here In America

a horse used for work on a farm.
a person or machine that dependably performs hard work over a long period of time..

Where We Are Going

Many of our customers continually asked if we would make new machines, and we are.

Our software was the first Windows based machine tool control in  history.  The software and machine controls are designed specifically for the waterjet process (not for a plasma or router).  For 23 years continuous development has produced new operator utilities, process capabilities and ongoing support for the current Windows based platform. 

Using our updated machine designs and the most current technology (which our customers tell us is better than all others) we now make the waterjet machinery you need.  Parts are readily accessible, and the service team has years of experience. 

Providing a price point attractive to small,  mid size and very large fabricators and mixed-use manufacturers, we believe we can deliver the kind of machinery that will make your business money. 

If you are spending as little as $750.00 per week on waterjet and/or laser cutting, you are already paying for your own waterjet system.

​Easy to own - let us tell you about our leasing program.​​